Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paragon Partition Manager Server 11

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Paragon Advanced Recovery CD based on WinPE for Paragon Partition Manager Server Edition 11

Paragon Recovery CD™ is a multi-platform bootable media that gives you an opportunity to boot into Linux or PTS DOS, and that way to get access to the hard disk for maintenance or recovery purposes.

It is not a stand-alone solution but comes as an add-on with the company’s Windows based programs, thus its functionality differs according to a particular product.
In most cases the Recovery CD is used as a last resort tool to get the system back on track when it fails to boot.

Depending on the purchased product it contains a certain set of utilities configured to work in Linux or PTS-DOS.
Both platforms have their strong sides, for instance Linux can boast support of FireWire (i.e. IEEE1394) or USB devices.
It enables to burn CD/DVD disks. However you may face some difficulties with detecting new hardware.

DOS in its turn has no problems of that kind but is limited in the provided functionality.
Actually Paragon Recovery CD is not just a useful bonus to the Windows version of the program,
but a powerful multifunctional tool that can certainly be used independently.

With the Recovery CD you can easily backup/restore the system, retrieve the required data from the failed hard disk, fix boot problems caused by invalid partitions numeration,
recover accidentally deleted partitions, carry out all the necessary partitioning operations to install the system from scratch, clone hard disks/partitions of any file system,
update MBR (Master Boot Record), change partition ID and Primary Slot, view/edit sectors, mount/unmount partitions, irreversibly destroy the on-disk data, whatever.
Besides it offers a Windows XP like environment.

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