Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rar Password Unlocker 3.0

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Rar Password Unlocker 3.0

Cracking a RAR password is always hard task which takes a lot of time and resources and

doesn’t really lead to successful end most of the time, but if you need to desperately

unpack some file and you don’t know the password, it’s at least worth a try. RAR Password

Unlocker can help you with this chore, and it’s very easy to use as well.

RAR Password Unlocker 3.0 is to find the lost password for the WinRAR/RAR file for you to

extract the files in the archive easily. This WinRAR/RAR password remover supports all

versions of WinRAR/RAR archives. It can recover password no matter how long and how complex

it is. Enhanced by brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack, dictionary attack, it

works effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it is the ever easiest-to-use program even a

new user can get used to it in less than a minute.


* Recover long passwords
* Support all versions of WinRAR/RAR archives
* Easy to use with less than a minute to get familiar with the program
* Powerful with three attack modes
* Allowed to offer password clues to the program to reduce the calculation, time-saving
* Customizable for users can define a dictionary for the program to base on
* Allowed to set the computer CPU priority
* Auto-save the project every after a period of time
* Support to resume the processing project if the process is accidentally stopped last time
* Allowed to shutdown computer after the processing finishes



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