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Sony Xtreme Edition

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Architecture : X86
Title : Sony Xtreme Edition
Year : 2010
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate
Customized By : Prince NRVL
Tested : Tested this on my i7 and Quadcore (iNTEL) [yes]
Date :18-08-2010
Share : Free share but give credits to Prince NRVL
Cracks : No cracks Supplied, if u lik then buy genuine key
from Microsoft Corporation
Hacks : [NO]
Evaluation Period : 30 Days

What is new in this version:

- Sony Wallpapers
- New themes (thanks to
- New tweaks (thanks to Buster)
- Optimised for SONY lovers
- Cool looks and gadgets
- Easy installation
- Have not at all touched any stuffs here only some to tweaks to run cool
- StepUp 3D Sound Track Added (OST) (Prince NRVL rip)
- and lot more..

Registry Tweaks:

- DreamScene Activated
- CommandPrompt here
- Take Ownership
- Run as Administrator
- Context menu tweaks added(many tweaks)
- Open with notepad
- Advanced user account activated
- Gadgets activated and lot more..

Special Features:

- StepUp 3D Sound Track Added (OST) (Prince NRVL rip)
- New Sony Ericsson Pc Suite
- Sony VIAO Gate
- Sony Ericsson Theme Creator
- Sony Ericsson Mobile Software Updater and lot more..

Softwares Added(Silent mode) WPI:

- Aero Command prompt
- Autoplay Media Studio
- Gimp 2.6.9
- Hidden Files Toggler
- MediaInfo GUI
- Microsoft Essesntials
- Sony VIAO Gate(Non Silent, Manual provision needed)
- My Phone Xplorer
- RT ISO Maker
- Shaplus Bandwidth Meter
- Sony Ericsson PC Suite(Non Silent, Manual provision needed)
- Sony Ericsson Themes Ceator
- Sony Ericsson Software Update Manager
- C_2005_SP1_Redistribute (Thanks to Skat666)
- C_2008_Redistribute (Thanks to Skat666)
- C_2010_redist(Thanks to Skat666)
- CCleaner(Thanks to Skat666)
- DirectX32_June_2010(Thanks to Skat666)
- Disable Blur for title bar (thanks to Buster)
- FileZilla(Thanks to Skat666)
- Firefox PreLoader(Thanks to Skat666)
- Flash Player ActiveX 10.1(Thanks to Skat666)
- Flash Player Plugin 10.1(Thanks to Skat666)
- Hash Checker Shell Extension(Thanks to Skat666)
- K-Lite Media CoDec Pack(Thanks to Skat666)
- Micro Angelo On Display(Thanks to Skat666)
- Nero Lite 10(Thanks to Skat666)
- NetFrame Work 4(Thanks to Skat666)
- Notepad 2 replacement(Thanks to Skat666)
- Notepad ++(Thanks to Skat666)
- Process Hacker(Thanks to Skat666)
- Winrar_snow_leopard(Thanks to Skat666)
- Firefox_Snowpanther(Thanks to Skat666)
- Speedy Fox(Thanks to Skat666)
- Who Crashed(Thanks to Skat666)
- Winamp_Xdark(Thanks to Skat666)
- Yahoo10_XDark(Thanks to Skat666)

Checked on my i7 and Quadcore [iNTEL]..
I nearly tried to install and check bugs for more than 30+ times on my new
So I assure u that there really aint any problem, if it persists it must be
your PC spec that aint allowing.

And one thing to make sure that this is not a team release. this is purely
sole release. I have worked soley a lot to get these things correct here.

Give Credits to Prince NRVL and ******* Whereever You share.
This is Neo Reconia Sys - 2010 Presentation.

My dream was to create this OS. Nearly waited 2 years to make this sheer beauty.

Special Thanks:

Mr.Grimm - Icons
Razoredge and others - Themes
******* - Links and server Support


1) While installing the OS do not press enter or escape, that may halt the current registry process or other processes.

2) While installing applications in WPI the 2 softwares namely Sony VIAO Gate and Sony Ericsson PC Suite are not silent. U need to click next to make the proceed further. Do as it is said only for 2 softwares. Remaining others are quite silent and they dont need help.

Whitelist drivers are added to make the system to run safely.

Need genuine buy genuine key from Microsoft Corporation.

Tested for virus with Kapersky Internet Security 2010 - 100% Free from Virus..

File Size
2.71 GB


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