Saturday, October 9, 2010

StationRipper v2.98.2 Incl Keygen-Lz0

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StationRipper v2.98.2 Incl Keygen-Lz0

Want to Record Internet Radio? Get thousands of sounds every few hours? Record your favorite Shoutcast Radio or TV show? Record,, iTunes radio, AOL Radio, Slacker dot com, and Podcasts? Then download the latest version of StationRipper now! StationRipper allows you to Record Internet Radio Stations and broadcasts. Users on broadband connections regularly report 3,000-6,000 new songs can be downloaded every 24 hours with the registered version!

» Record Shoutcast Audio and Video streams, iTunes Radio, Podcasts,, and
» Records up to 600 streams at one time.
» Buy the music you are recording.
» Be part of our community – help decide what the best stations are!
» Auto-download Album art.
» Use with iTunes – auto-generate iTunes playlists of songs recorded.
» Use with Media Monkey – auto-generate MediaMonkey playlists of songs recorded.
» Keeps track of the songs you’ve already recorded, only keeping the songs you don’t already have.
» Lets you easily find stations to record, via the StationRipperTM Portal, Shoutcast, or other web sites. Or you can drag and drop from iTunes radio to start recording.
» Keeps a list of the music and stations you’ve recorded, allowing easy playback and re-recording of stations.
» Listen to any station being recorded with a single mouse click.
» Ignore songs under a certain size.

Download 5.28 MB (Setup + StationRipper v2.98.2 Keygen-Lz0)

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