Wednesday, September 22, 2010

StreetDance 2010 720p BRRip XviD AC3-ViSiON

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StreetDance 2010 720p BRRip XviD AC3-ViSiON

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Superman Batman Apocalypse 2010 DVDRip XviD-RUBY + Single Link

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Superman Batman Apocalypse 2010 DVDRip XviD-RUBY + Single Link
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30 Days Of Night Dark Days 2010 BDRip XviD-TWiZTED

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30 Days Of Night Dark Days 2010 BDRip XviD-TWiZTED


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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - m-HD - x264 - 350mb

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) - m-HD - x264 - 350mb -

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CJ7 ( eng dub ) || 300 mb only || MUST watch movie

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CJ7 ( eng dub ) || 300 mb only || MUST watch movie

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Machete 2010 R5 LiNE XviD-ViSiON

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Devil (2010) Cam 350mb

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Devil (2010) Cam 350mb
Devil (2010) is a new movie from the most overrated Writer in Hollywood, M. Night Shymalan. The man who always seems to land another job, a man who has ridden the success of The Sixth Sense to the absolute end. So what can you expect in his new movie, named ‘Devil’?


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Blood Into Wine (2010)

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Blood Into Wine (2010) BDRip XviD-WiDE


-= [ Blood.Into.Wine.2010.BDRip.XviD-WiDE ] =-


RESOLUTiON.....: 624x352
AUDiO..........: 160 VBR MP3 Stereo
RUNTiME........: ~01:40:00
FORMAT.........: XviD
SOURCE.........: R1 Retail BluRay
SiZE...........: 696.86 MiB
GENRE..........: Documentary
iMDB RATiNG....: 7.0/10
Maynard James Keenan is known as the front man for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.
In the mid--1990's, on a whim, the reclusive rock star left Los Angeles and moved to an Arizona ghost town (population 300).
A wine enthusiast, Keenan began to envision a world class wine region on the Verde Valley's craggy slopes and with wine mentor
Eric Glomski (former David Bruce winemaker and current owner of the award--winning Page Springs Cellars), Keenan began
the long road to bringin ...

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Sex and the City 2 (2010)

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Sex and the City 2 (2010)


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The Killer Inside Me (2010)

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The Killer Inside Me 2010 BDRiP XviD-QCF

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Resident Evil Afterlife /TS-Prism/300MB

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SXE 11.0 Wall Hack + Speed Hack 11.0 by

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Download sxe 11.0 cheat.+speed hack

first  u download  this cheat and open  and full instruction here and  how to use and  many more just simple


paste  donwload files simple  and  use it ok   now more cheat so visit  
tc new cheat coming soon
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Sxe 11.0 new Emulator hacks

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sxe hack new more visit  sxe cheats

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Windows XP Pro Corp SP3 RTM and SATA Drivers

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Windows XP Pro Corp SP3 RTM and SATA Drivers

Microsoft Windows XP Professional is the next version of the Windows operating system, which is designed for businesses of all sizes, and for individuals who demand the most from their computing experience. Windows XP Professional goes beyond the benefits of Windows XP Home Edition with advanced capabilities designed specifically to optimize productivity using the latest advancements in the digital world. Built on the solid foundation of Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional provides improved reliability, security, performance and ease of use, setting the new standard in efficient and dependable computing.

This is untouched, genuine and it accepts any updates.
Also no need to enter any serials.

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FlashFXP 4.0.0 (Build 1481 RC2)

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FlashFXP 4.0.0 Build 1481 RC2

FlashFXP 4.0.0 Build 1481 RC2 | 7.2 MB

FlashFXP is a powerful and popular FTP & FXP Client loaded with features for the power user. FlashFXP has an intuitive and full featured user interface, allowing you to do all the common tasks with just a few clicks. It also support full drag & drop, so you can transfer files, synchronize folders, find files and schedule tasks with just one click. Using the FTP protocol, you can transfer files from remote servers to your computer, or even to another remote server.
It makes it easy to update your Web site, download files from the company server, or even download files from the internet that always seem to fail using your Web browser. It allows you to transfer files between two sites (FXP), resume incomplete downloads, synchronize directories, schedule multiple tasks, and more. Available in over 20 languages. FlashFXP offer security, performance, and reliability that you can always count on to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Use FlashFXP to publish and maintain your website, Upload and download documents, photos, videos, music and more, Share your files with your friends and co-workers, or even use it to download other shareware!

Features :

• Fully tested and supports gigabit speeds (including Jumbo Frames)
• MODE Z support for on-the-fly streaming compression.
• Support for FEAT and "stat -l" fast directory listing reduces overhead and improves compatibilty.
• Download and upload speed limiting. Save some of your bandwidth for browsing the web.
• Advanced Skip list.
• Optional caching of remote directory lists.

• Includes OpenSSL Libraries 0.9.8b.
• Automatic support for One Time Password (OTP) S/KEY.
• Strong encryption (Blowfish) can be applied to the site manager to protect your information.
• Connect to sites using SSL/TLS encryption for added security, including the use of client certs.
• SSL Site-to-Site (SSCN) Transfers.
• Clear Command Channel (CCC).

• Site to Site (FXP) Transfers.
• Fully recursive file transferring (uploading, downloading, site to site).
• Caching allows for offline browsing, queueing.
• Firewall support, allowing you to define a set range of local ports, or bind to a specific IP.
• FTP Proxy, HTTP Proxy, Socks 4, 5 support. (WinGate, WinProxy, MS Proxy, etc).
• Internal ident server.
• Per Site Connectivity modes support.
• PRET support for distributed FTP servers.

• Full Multi-language support.
• Simple (FTP-Only) and Advanced (FXP) views.
• Advanced queue control.
• Transfer Graph (only ftp transfer speeds can be graphed).
• Multi-Proxy Server Manager.
• Synchronized browsing allows webmasters to keep local and remote directly listings in synch while browsing.
• Internal Schedule (Transfer or Stop a queue at a specific time).
• Enhanced drag-and-drop functionality.
• Import site listings from Cute FTP, WS_FTP, FTP Explorer, LeapFTP, and Bullet Proof. Including passwords!.
• Optional displaying of Owner/Groups/Attrib.
• Site Stats, keeps track of your uploads/downloads and overall totals.
• Minimizes to system tray.
• List hidden files.
• Folder Bookmarks to provide one click access to any folder.
• Quick backup/restore of all sites/settings.
• Internal text editor for quick edits.

Advanced Options
• Extensive command line options for scripting/scheduling.
• Remote FTP file search.
• Custom file highlighting; display file masks in user defined colors.
• Calculate the size of all files in a specified path.
• Grouped SITE custom commands.
• Priority transfer list.
• Time Zone setting for Site Manager.
• Selective Transfer feature (transfer only images or just php files).

Change Log:

1. Tweaked the shell browser file change notification updates so that they occurred sooner rather than later.
2. Fixed issue where transfer rules imported from v3.6 for upload and download were reversed.
3. Fixed issue where an empty file transfer rule list triggered the v3.6 import transfer rule import, making it impossible to have an empty rule list.
4. You can now press the "Del" to delete a rule in the file transfer rule list.
5. Added Alt+P shortcut to save the current (local or remote) path.
6. Updated Help File.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Photolightning 5.51

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Photolightning 5.51

Photolightning 5.51 | 8.07 Mb

Photolightning is the ultimate photo software for both home and business digital camera users. Photolightning helps you enhanc , print and email your digital photos. You can also create slideshows. It's the easiest and fastest way to print, email, and enhance your digital photos.

Photolightning is so simple that even beginners can make great photo prints, send emails without attachments, create slide shows, and make enhancements to a set of 24 photos in five minutes or less.

Key features of "Photolightning":
· Auto-detects your camera, downloads your photos, and provides a large preview for easy comparison.
· Send great looking photo emails without using attachments.
· Have confidence to make perfect photo prints at home using standard templates from major manufacturers which minimize paper usage and errors. Makes standard sized prints and complete album pages. Print preview enables you to zoom and pan to compose your prints.
· Create photo albums with the Organize feature.
· Backup photos to CD/DVD.
· Photo enhancements include red eye reduction, cropping, auto-levels, auto-contrast, fix backlighting, add flash, reduce flash, brightness/contrast, hue, saturation, sharpen, unsharp mask, black and white, sepia, paint effects, fix out-of-focus photos, crop, sharpen, and boost colors.
· Batch processing can resize (including percent, fit inside rectangle, target size (kb) and resample method), change format, add text and graphic captions/watermarks, remove exif data, rename, and re-timestamp -- with just two clicks.
· Reduce photos and automatically insert into Word and PowerPoint. Enhance quality and compose photos for eBay.
· Has a lightning fast thumbnail browser with Photo History view to see all of the photos on your disk in chronological order regardless of how they are organized.
· Creates HTML slide shows to view on your machine, email to friends, or publish to a web site.
· Automatically reduce photos and post them to weblogs with just two clicks
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WinUtilities Pro 9.84

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WinUtilities Pro 9.84

WinUtilities Pro 9.84 | 8.55 MB

WinUtilities is a system tweaking suite that includes more than 20 tools to improve and tweak your PC's performance. It offers an attractive and easy to use interface that organizes all tasks into categories and provides graphical statistics whenever possible. The tools include Junk File Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Memory Optimizer, System Information, Registry Backup, File Encryption, Safe Uninstaller, Duplicate File Finder, File Shredder and much more. WinUtilities also includes an Internet Tracks Eraser with Cookie Manager and Secure Deletion. Overall, a great bundle that offers a wide range of system tools with extra benefits which are not easy to find.

• Recovers deleted files on NTFS and FAT volumes
• Cleans disks from information that clogs your system and reduces the performance of your computer
• Scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the Windows Registry
• Helps you to easily manage program execution at windows startup
• Erases all traces of activity on your computer, save spaces and protect your privacy
• Splits any type of file into smaller pieces and rejoin them to the original file
• Erases files and make sure that no data thief can get his hands on your sensitive data
• Protects any Windows executable file with a secure password
• Optimizes the Memory Management of Windows
• Helps you to free disk space by finding and removing duplicate files from your system
• Provides you with an easy way to address the invalid shortcuts and reports back to you so that you can remove it from your system
• Allows you to check your system's performance and manage the running processes
• Manages the programs installed on your system and uninstall unneeded software
• Shows you the detailed information for your computer hardware and software
• Back up and restore the Windows Registry
• Searchs the Windows Registry by a specific wildcard. then you can delete or export them
• Manages the BHOs that are currently installed
• Schedules your computer for log off, stand by, hibernate, or shutdown at a specific time
• Provides you an easy way to launch the utilities build in Windows
• Organizes and manage your Windows Settings
• Configures the cleaning tasks that take place automatically
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Xilisoft HD Video Converter (Portable)

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Xilisoft HD Video Converter Portable


Xilisoft HD Video Converter Portable | 29.27 MB

Xilisoft HD Video Converter is a powerful and comprehensive piece of software designed to help you quickly and easily convert your media files with high definition quality. Integrated with clipping tool comprising featured functions of clipping and merging for any audio and video segment, Xilisoft HD Video Converter links Standard-Definition to High-Definition, and promotes your crazy fun on PS3, XboX, iPod, and so on.

Here are some key features of "Xilisoft HD Video Converter":
- Video conversion
- Easy conversion of video formats, especially with top support for decoding and encoding of all High-Definition video formats, including HD ASF, HD AVI, HD H.264/AVC, HD Quick Time, HD MPEG2 (MPEG, MPG), HD MPEG2 TS, HD MPEG4, HD MPEG4 TS, HD WMV, etc.;
- Audio conversion
- A few steps to extract audio from video and convert audio from one to another;
- Picture conversion
- Capture pictures from video and save as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and SWF, and create stylish video from your photos.
- Split one source file to several or output certain segment by setting exact time length;
- Customize the output file size for compatibility with different digital devices;
- Set multiple output formats simultaneously from one for efficient output;
- Luxuriant and optimized profiles listed to meet almost all needs for PS3, XboX, PSP, iPod, iPhone, and even to create your own profile for later use;
- Source video, customized video and clipped video segment can be previewed, and you can also compare source video and customized video to view the effect more clearly;
- Besides APE and CUE decoding support, converting from Audio CD to other audio formats is also available;
- Detailed video, audio and picture output settings are adjustable to achieve better conversion effect, and you can also choose to run in background for conversion.
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Linkman Pro (Portable)

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Linkman Pro Portable

Linkman Pro Portable | 5.63 MB

Linkman is a complete bookmark management solution to store, organize, annotate and check your favorite Internet pages. Linkman efficiently handles up to millions of URLs by using a database to store your links. It can call upon many powerful facilities that replace the browser's native URL management systems. You can easily add links from all browser windows and let retrieve keywords and descriptions automatically. The user interface is highly customizable. You get the capability to import and synchronize from existing bookmark collections and export bookmarks in a variety of formats. You can even build your own Export Templates. Several Template examples like XML and HTML output are included. Linkman supports multiple versions of ten different Windows browsers.

Feature overview

Compatibility with all major Windows browsers:

Internet Explorer 3.x-8.x, Google Chrome, Firefox 1.x-3.x, K-Meleon 1.x, Maxthon, SeaMonkey 1.x, Opera 4.x-9x, Avant Browser, Neoplanet, Netcaptor, SlimBrowser
Supports keywords, ratings, comments, descriptions, shortnames and user defined data Ability to handle large databases (even millions of links) without performance or stability issues Optional installation on removable drives like USB sticks Desktop Toolbar for fastest browsing ever Internet Explorer Toolbar Highly customizable user interface Detects duplicate links, even if they differ in subdomains, ports or login data Query for URLs on the same domain or subdomain and display results in groups User defined rating system Extensive help file including Tutorial Ability to check URLs for dead links, intelligent (only major) content changes, and page movements Retrieves keywords, descriptions and retrieve custom metatags from web pages Proxy support with authentication, permanent (LAN) or Dial-Up Internet connections Multiple import & export formats
Direct Internet Explorer Favorites support (including correct item order)
Firefox Bookmarks
Google Chrome
Opera Hotlist
Separated Value files
Link search in any data file
Editable Export Templates (XML, TSV...) with UTF8 support Fully customizable Html Link webpage generation Synchronization Search and Replace Text and Status Query Link Collector Printing support Password protection Sort feature with multiple sort orders and autosort Drop Basket for faster browsing and URL addition URL Path associated launch URL Launch History Fast Links for fast access to your favorite URLs Daily Links feature for regularly visited sites Full Drag and Drop support including link drops from browser to Linkman Advanced Tray Icon (configurable actions) User defined browser support Auto save System-wide hotkeys for easy use, even when working with another application Advanced localization: User Interface translated to 10 languages
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VSO ConvertXtoDVD (Portable)

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VSO ConvertXtoDVD Portable

VSO ConvertXtoDVD Portable | 28.77 Mb

ConvertXtoDVD, video conversion software, you can convert and burn all your videos and convert Avi to DVD! Backup and transfer your movies to DVD and enjoy watching them on any home DVD player. All in one conversion and burning software. This award-winning divx to dvd video converter software supports most video and audio formats for video conversion (avi, mpg, mov, wmv, mkv, ogm and more) and even handles DVD to DVD copy! Backup and transfer your movies to DVD and enjoy watching them on any home DVD player.

Key Features:
• Video formats supported: avi, divx, xvid, mov, mkv, flv , mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg-, nsv, dvr-ms, tivo, ts, ifo, vob, asf, wmv, realmedia, rm, rmvb, ogm, existing files from digital camcorders, TV/Sat, capture cards, etc. No external codecs needed like avi codec download
• Create DVD menus with different templates available, possibility to add background video, image or audio, have chapter and audio/subtitle menus
• Conversion advisor wizard, control of the conversion speed vs. quality
• Fast and quality encoder, typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie, and supports Multi-Core processors!
• Included burning engine with burn speed control choice of SAO or packet writing methods, supports all DVD formats
• Custom and or automatic chapter creation with markers and preview window
• Advanced file merging possibilities
• Audio formats supported internal and external: AC3, DTS, PCM, OGG, MP3, WMA and more... Select audio output format.
• Subtitles files supported internal and external: SRT, .SUB/IDX, .SSA, opensubtitles, dvbsub with color and font selection, and supports tags like italic, bold, turn on/off with DVD player remote control
• Video output for video standard (NTSC, PAL), TV Screen (Widescreen 16:9, Fullscreen 4:3) and DVD Resolution (Full D1, Broadcast D1, Half D1, SIF), or choose automatic for all choices listed above. Also convert video from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC
• Video post processing settings like video resize-pad/cropping and de-interlacing options
• Multilingual support
• Optimized for Windows XP / Vista 32bits and 64bits
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WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.2.0

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WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.2.0


WYSIWYG Web Builder 7.2.0 | 9.86 Mb

Web Builder is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the finished page will display exactly the way it was designed. The program generates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags while you point and click on desired functions; you can create a web page without learning HTML. Just drag and drop objects to the page position them 'anywhere' you want and when you're finished publish it to your web server (using the built in Publish tool). Web Builder gives you full control over the content and layout of your web page.

WYSIWYG Web Builder features:
• No HTML knowledge needed!
• Drag and drop objects from the toolbox on the page anywhere you like!
• Site Management. Easily add, edit, clone and structure your web pages from a single file.
• Customizable menus, toolbars, keyboard accelerators, dockable windows, tabs, autohide windows.
• Form layout object to create forms, including actions, hidden fields etc.
• Supports Form fields: Editbox, TextArea, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Combobox and Button.
• Form Wizard to create form in 4 steps. Select from a dozen ready-to-use forms.
• Rich text support: text object can contain different fonts, colors, links and sizes.
• Custom HTML object to insert your own HTML or javascripts.
• ActiveX, JAVA, Flash, Windows Media player, Quicktime, Real Audio and other Plug-In support.
• Publish your entire web site, a single page or a group of pages (to local drive or a web server) .
• Built-in Photo Gallery maker, with lots of cool features like picture frames!
• Built-in Banner maker.
• Rollover images.
• Bulleted Lists: Circle, Disc, Square, Numeric (1, 2, 3), Alpha (a, b, c) , Roman (I, II, III) and custom images.
• Image maps.
• Customize scrollbar colors for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
• Navigation bars.
• Tab Menus.
• Slide Menus.
• Ready-to-use javascripts.
• Template support. Already more than 100 templates available!
• Insert Symbols (special characters).
• Slide Show component .
• Support for third-party add-ons, using the Web Builder Component Developers Kit.
• Import existing HTML pages.
• Hyperlink Style Sheet, to customize the colors/formatting of hyperlinks.
• Built-in Popup support.
• Show optional rulers and ruler guides.
• Page transitions in Page Properties.
• Inline Frame component (IFRAME).
• Go menu: easily create a drop-down navigation menus.
• Menubar: powerful menu script that can mimic complex menus found in popular GUI applications.
• Shape object (Rectangle, Round rect, Ellipse, Diamond, Hexagon, Octagon, Parallelogram, Triangle, Trapezoid, Arrows, Flag, Flower, Heart, Signs, Stars, Talk Bubbles and much more!).
• Embedded OLE component.
• Master page object. This allows you to re-use objects from other pages (master page concept).
• Layer Object for advanced layout possibilities.
• Find/Replace for text objects.
• Validation tools for form components: EditBox, Combobox and TextArea.
• Rotation for shapes and images.
• Properties Inspector for quick object manipulation.
• Ability to group/ungroup objects.
• Image tools: Contrast, Brightness, Hue/Saturation, Flip, Rotate, Resample, Crop and Stencils.
• Image effects: GrayScale, Negative, Sepia, Blur, Soften, Sharpen, Noise, Emboss and more!
• Drawing tools: Line, Line + Arrows, Scribble, Polygon, Curve and Closed Curve.
• Photo gallery border styles/ photo frames.
• Images, shapes and form controls have a new Events Page, to easily add actions to object events!
• The PayPal eCommerce Tools are the quickest and easiest way to add eCommerce to your web site!
• RSS Feed object with podcast option.
• Blog with built-in RSS feed option.
• Google compatible sitemap generator
• and much much more!

What's New in This Release:

* Fixed: Problem with internal links in News Viewer.
* Fixed: Slimbox configuration problem ($ID should be $ID$)
* Fixed: Some hidden objects still got mouse clicks.
* Fixed: Padding/margin issue when using text in PhotoGallery
* Fixed: Menubar split not visible in FireFox when doctype is set to XHTML
* Fixed: Merged objects issue on master frames.
* Improved: Compatibility with older user made extensions.
* Improved: User made extensions can now also use $ID$, $LEFT$, $TOP$, $WIDTH$, $HEIGHT$ variables in section.
* Improved: You can now insert multiple external files at once (in the site manager).
* Improved: Added 'Filename' property to File Properties in Site Manager.
* Improved: Speed of background image rendering for Layers and Forms.
* Improved: Horizontal/vertical center in browser option now displays scrollbars if the browser window is too small (revised code).
* New feature: Added Link support to Banner.
* New feature: Added 'Do not generate Search Index' to publish window to (temporary) disable the search index (to speed up publishing).
* New feature: Added 'Order' property to the item of the Blog object, you can now select between 'Ascending' and 'Descending'.
* New feature: Added 'Show ID on Layers/Forms' option to Guide settings. This allows you to hide the label on layers/forms.
* New feature: Added 'Day of the Week Redirect' to Ready-to-use-javascripts.
* New feature: Added 'Slice' tool to images.
* New feature: Added the ability to re-arrange the order of form objects (Context Menu->Arrange Objects), also reflects in form processor email.
* New feature: Added 'Inline mode' to jQuery DatePicker. This displays the full calender instead of in a drop down.
* New feature: Added 'jQuery Slider' object.
* New feature: Added 'jQuery Progressbar' object.
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Home Photo Studio 2.71

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:53 PM

Home Photo Studio 2.71 | 58.28 MB

Home Photo Studio is powerful and easy-to-use photo editing software offering a complete set of image manipulation tools. Thanks to a convenient interface and a detailed help system, the software is simple to learn but provides enough options to keep any photo enthusiast creatively occupied. With Home Photo Studio, you can view and edit your digital shots. Photos can be retouched, color can be enhanced, red eye can be removed, and blurred images can be made clearer. All of these changes can be made with a click of the mouse!

You can add special effects to your photos, including lighting, weather effects, and even 3D composition – a feature not commonly found on non-professional photo editing software. Frames in a wide range of styles can be added to the photos, as well. When the photos have been enhanced, they can be used to create slide shows, postcards, and collages, which can be shared with others.

This photo editing software includes hundreds of special effects, design templates, and project options that can be used with digital photos on computers. If mistakes are made during the editing or enhancing process, the multi-undo feature makes correcting the error easier.

Additional features found in the software including the ability to quickly view EXIF data and to use plastic effects on photos. Users will appreciate the detailed help system built into the program so they can find answers when having trouble with a new project. Home Photo Studio provides all of the features and extras needed to modify and enhance digital images.

Major advantages of Home Photo Studio:
1. Support 20 input and output graphic formats.
2. Fast and easy-to-use Image Explorer.
3. Enhancement of low-quality digital photos.
4. Support adjustment of Levels, Curves, Color Balance, Contrast, Saturation, etc.
5. Wide range of available effects for creation of unique art photographs.
6. More than 100 photo frames and mask effects.
7. All-around technical and sale support.
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Mass Downloader 3.8.843 (Portable)

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Mass Downloader 3.8.843 portable


Mass Downloader 3.8.843 portable | 5.09 MB

MetaProducts Mass Downloader is a download manager application that makes it easy to download video/audio streams and files from Internet sites at the maximum available speed. Download resume is supported. Multiple channels technology significantly reduces download time.

Mass Downloader supports a wide range of downloads: from usual and secured (HTTPS) Web sites, FTP servers, Real Media and Microsoft Media stream servers. The support of stream protocols makes it simple to download stream video and audio for offline viewing. Mass Downloader also allows you to browse Zip archives before loading them and to choose only the desired files to download.
Mass Downloader has an excellent Internet Explorer-like user interface. Mass Downloader allows you to download specific files by filename, which differs from Offline Explorer in that Offline Explorer lets you speed your way through downloading entire web sites.

Standard Features:
• HTTP, FTP, HTTPS protocol support
• The ability to preview ZIP-archives contents and load only the desired files
• Internal FTP Browser
• Download categories
• Cookies support
• Very fast and reliable file retrieval from the Web and FTP sites
• Maximum Internet connection bandwidth usage when loading several files parts simultaneously
• HTTP and SOCKS Proxy support
• Supports Drag-and-Drop links from Internet Browsers to the Main window and Drop Box, paste links from the Clipboard. Also, Mass Downloader intercepts clicks in Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, embeds its item to the Microsoft Internet Explorer context menu
• Fully configurable user interface
• Can operate in the background
• You can schedule downloads
• Automatic dialer to connect your Internet Service Provider
• History of all loaded files allows you to easily find them on disk and to get additional server and download information
• Import incompletely downloaded files from other download managers
• The ability to work in an automatic mode
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Inspiration v9.0a

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Inspiration v9.0a| 151 Mb
For visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations, use Inspiration® 9, the ultimate thinking and learning tool. Brainstorm ideas, structure your thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To take notes, organize information, and structure writing for plans, papers and reports, use the integrated Outline View to focus on main and supporting ideas and to clarify thinking in written form. With Inspiration's Presentation Manager, transform your diagrams, mind maps and outlines into polished presentations that communicate ideas clearly and demonstrate understanding and knowledge.
Students build graphic organizers, including concept maps, webs, mind maps and idea maps, in Inspiration to:
• Brainstorm
• Plan
• Organize
• Think
• Outline
• Present

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Alive YouTube Video Converter (v2.6.0.2)

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:51 PM

Alive YouTube Video Converter is a professional YouTube video downloader to download and convert youtube videos to popular formats directly, the output formats include AVI, MPEG, MP4, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV, MOV, QuickTime, VOB, iPod, PSP, 3GP, iPhone, Zune, MP3, AAC, AC3 and M4A. So you are able to burn a CD or DVD for those videos, copy them to other computer, or upload them onto your iPod/iPhone, mobile phone, PocketPC, PDA, PSP or any other portable devices.

Alive YouTube Video Converter is a multi-thread program and supports batch conversion. This feature lets you download and convert diferrent videos at the same time. In addition, The intuitive interface makes Alive iPod Video Converter the perfect tool for both new and experienced users. It gives advanced users the ability to convert youtube videos with width*height, video size, bit rate, and frame rate adjusting! It makes downloading videos from the internet and watching them from your PC, cell phone, iPod, PSP, Zune, MP4 player or TV quick and easy.

Main Features:
# Download video from YouTube, Google Video and MySpace
Our youtube video converter allows you to download and convert video from, Google Video and

# Output most populart video and audio formats
Alive YouTube Video Converter can convert the video into many different formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, DivX, XviD, 3GP, WMV, VOB, QuickTime MOV, ASF, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, Mobile Phone, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen Vision, Sandisk Sansa. You can also convert the video to the popular audio formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, AC3.

# Windows Clipboard Monitor
This utility can monitor the Windows Clipboad. It will analyze the URL automatically and determine if it is an available YouTube online video URL when you Copy any URL. If the URL you copied is an available YouTube video URL, Alive YouTube Video Converter will start a new task for you to download the video.

# Multithread, batch download and conversion
This feature gives you the ability to download and convert several videos at one time and makes the day-to-day download and convesion tasks nothing, but a pleasant experience.

# Super fast download and conversion speed
With the powerful built-in download and convert engine, Alive YouTube Video Converter gives you a unbelievable experience of high speed download and conversion.

What's new?
YouTube has made some changes in its hosting routine. we are pleased to release the new version, which fixed the download problem caused by the changes.

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Total Commander (v7.55a) Final +key

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:50 PM

Total Commander 7.55a Final +key

Features in Total Commander 7.55a now include :
Two file windows side by side
Multiple language and Unicode support
Enhanced search function
Compare files (now with editor) / synchronize directories
Quick View panel with bitmap display
ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons
Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search
Compare editor, cursor in lister, separate trees, logging, enhanced overwrite dialog etc.
Unicode names almost everywhere, long names (>259 characters), password manager for ftp and plugins, synchronize empty dirs, 64 bit context menu, quick file filter (Ctrl+S)
New: USB port connection via special direct transfer cable, partial branch view (Ctrl+Shift+B), and many imporvements to ftp, synchronizing and other functions
And many more!

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M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.16 Alien Radio

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:49 PM

M-Audio Pro Sessions Vol.16 Alien Radio ACID/AIFF/REX2-AI | 824 MB
Alien Radio is an incredibly diverse cosmic soundscape that is a must-have for those spacey sonic expeditions. Created by

the sound designer / composer team of Paul Vnuk and Chris Short of Ma Ja Le, Alien Radio is a fusion of organic audio,

tribal ambience,rhythmic grooves and out-of-this-world textures that conjures imagery of everything from epic galactic

battles to celestial love affairs. This collection is great as a standalone construction kit or as a source of rhythms and

atmospheres for electronica, experimental music, world music, and film scores.
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HDD Regenerator 1.71

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:47 PM

Hard disk drive is an integral part of every computer. It stores all your information.
One of the most prevalent defects of hard drives is bad sectors on the disk surface.
Bad sectors are a part of the disk surface, which contains not readable, but frequently
necessary information. As a result of bad sectors you may have difficulties to read and
copy data from your disk, your operating system becomes unstable and finally your computer
may unable to boot altogether. When a hard drive is damaged with bad sectors, the disk not
only becomes unfit for use, but also you risk losing information stored on it. The HDD
Regenerator can repair damaged hard disks without affecting or changing existing data.
As a result, previously unreadable and inaccessible information is restored.

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ArtCut v7.0 2009 (English)

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:46 PM

ArtCut v7.0 2009 (English) | 553 MB
Program for cutting plotters Chinese, in my case Rabbit HX1360. The distribution of a manual, and wood for this plotter.
More and more appear in the former USSR, China plotters, who work out of the program ArtCut, firms privozyaschih similar

equipment a lot, but some of them are imported independently and without any software or with broken wheels, and then

begins shturmovanie Internet in search software.
Program for working with cutting plotters. Allows you to create, edit, and correctly produce vinyl cutting. There is a

setting of the initial point of work, point offset, rounding corners, order processing, etc.

The program of integrated modules for tracing bitmap images, the transformation of raster images linearly with color

Brief information about the program:
Program ArtCut postavlyaetsya complete with cutting plotters.
It has a built-in support for most cutting plotters known manufacturers.

Year / Date of Release: 2008
Version: 7.0
Developer: Wentai Technology
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Compatible with Windows 7: unknown
Language: English
System requirements: common requirements
Extras. Information: The distribution of the present authorization disk. On WinXP works on Vista and Seven have not tested
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Nero lite 10 10.0.13100

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:46 PM

Nero Multimedia Suite 10 excels your multimedia power with a collection of three products bundled into one powerful

suite. It%u2019s loaded with advanced video editing features, media organizer and player, superior burning software, reliable

backup technology, and special multimedia tools to enhance your music, photos and videos.

Features of Nero 10 :

* Arrange Photos and Videos for High Quality Slide-
shows and Movies
* Multi-track Video Editing with Complete Keyframe Handling Option
* Quick, Easy, and Secure Disc Burning
* Edit and Enhance Photos with Just One Click
* Burn to Disc or Share to Social Communities, Slideshows and Movies with Unique Premium Menus
* Fully Controllable, Effective Backup in a Few Easy Steps
* Applications Included--
* Nero Vision Xtra%u2122
* Nero Burning ROM%u2122
* Nero BackItUp & Burn%u2122
* Nero Multimedia Tools
* Search quickly, play back and easily arrange all your music, photos and videos all in one place
* Utilize cutting-edge video editing tools (picture-in-picture, full keyframe control, master effect track and assorted

special effects and transitions) in a true multi-track timeline to achieve advanced personal touches
* Ensure your discs are readable regardless of scratches, age, or deterioration with SecurDisc technology
* One-click Autobackup without reconfiguring computer settings
* SecurDisc technology %u2013 Ensure data readability, increase the chance of retrieving your files, protect your data from

unintended alterations, and vdownload software
erify the originator of the data. download software

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Cyberlink PowerDirector 8.00.2220 Ultra

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:44 PM

CyberLink PowerDirector - the fastest and best software for video editing. Among the updates, it should be noted: the new version LEng (translated templates and special effects, as well as their settings and preferences, fixed some small translation errors, improve the quality of translation), added a package of additional templates, special effects, menus and titles.

1. Cyberlink PowerDirector 8.00.2220 Ultra (Deluxe)
2. Russifier
3. keygen.exe
4. Serial.txt
5. Styles.exe
6. Package of additional templates, special effects, menus, subtitles (DVD Menus, Frames, Motion Objects, Static Objects, Title Templates)

Detailed description:
With this toolkit owners of digital cameras will be able to make materials amateur footage into a full video of professional quality. The new version boasts enhanced support for high-definition formats, but also allows you to create video products, distributed on disks Blu-ray Disc (formats BDAV and BDMV). Note for users requested support functions PiP (picture in picture), an impressive collection of transition effects, tools to produce high quality "slide show" and creating interactive menus and more.

New in CyberLink PowerDirector 8.0
- Major new features CyberLink PowerDirector 8 include:
- The effects of particles
- Fully customizable effects, which allow you to add arbitrary objects of particles (snow, dust, falling objects, etc.) over the video.
- Improved editor slideshow
- Fully customizable camera, 3D, allocation and movement with an editor slideshow.
- Extended means to improve video
- Use of work with video for cropping, rotation, change the speed or reverse playback.
- Fixes and improvements through video stabilization, adjustment of lighting and improve the quality of video technology TrueTheater.
- Application of noise removal in video and audio files, removing ambiguities video and sound.
- More powerful and friendly editing environment
- Ability to use up to nine effects ICC over your master video.
- Adding additional music tracks on the timeline that allows you to have up to three separate music tracks in the video simultaneously.
- Fully extensible user interface in accordance with the specific needs editing.
- Use the form guide to better management of personal multimedia libraries.
- View the video on full screen in the viewer multimedia.
- View the video on a separate display device or video camera when you switch on dual display.
- Use a range selection to select segments of the media on the timeline for kopirvoaniya or remove them from the project.
- Use grid lines to assist in the precise placement of ICC and multimedia titles.
- New work area
- A new, easy-to-use workspace, which makes finding videos much faster.
- Optimize CPU / GPU provides high-speed processing of HD video content.
- New options to create a disk
- New user interface.
- Adding multiple titles at the video created by the disc.
- Create a Slideshow
- View the entire structure of the disc.
- Multi-level menus, as well as easier to use and powerful editor of the menu.
- Faster and easier loading effects and templates from the Web site DirectorZone.
- Download the effects KVK, templates, titles, particle effects and DVD menu templates from the Web site DirectorZone.
- Completely integrated into CyberLink PowerDirector user interface for faster and easier than searching and loading effects and templates.
- Total access to editable projects with other countries through the Web site DirectorZone, to help other users.
- Automatically shutdown computer
- Automatically shutdown your computer after creating a video or recording it to disk to save energy.


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Intel VTune Performance Analyzer v9.1.406

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:43 PM

Intel VTune Performance Analyzer v9.1.406 | 212 MB
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer makes application performance tuning easier with a graphical user interface and no

recompiles required. It is compiler and language independent so it works with C, C++, Fortran, C#, Java, .NET and more.

Unlike some products that offer only call graph analysis or only a limited set of sampling events, VTune analyzer offers

both with an extensive set of tuning events for all the latest Intel processors.

Note : Register with given license.
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TrustPort Antivirus 2010

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:42 PM
TrustPort Antivirus 2010

Released: TrustPort
Date: 31/08/2010
Size: 181.38 MB
Updated: 16:29 09/03/2010
Request Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

TrustPort Antivirus 2010 (from Czech Republic) is a solution that combines antivirus and antispam. It protects your desktop or laptop from the spread of malware, spam, phishing and other threats.It scans files you open, websites you browse, the e-mail you receive, and pocket means that you connect. TrustPort Antivirus 2010 also allows you to lock the unwanted web content, ...

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