Friday, September 10, 2010

4 Versions of Multi Forum Auto Posters + 700 templates

Posted by Software4Tricks at 4:29 AM

4 differents Multi Forum Auto Posters | 10.47 MB

Multi Forum Auto Poster is a powerful software that allows you to post your topics in a huge number of forums in the same time with just one click.It can be used in a portable mode with just a simple click.

This pack includes a 4 different versions of Auto Posters :

1- MultiPosterBlack 1.2 Fully Cracked.
2- Extreme Warez Multi-Poster.
3- Dcrews Multi-Auto Poster.
4- Auto Poster Basic Edition.

These softwares come with a huge number of templates (over 500) so that you can post your topics in as many as possible number of forums.
Supported Forums : vBulletin / phpBB / IPB ( All GENERATIONS ).

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