Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easy Photo Sorter v 2.6

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How many photos does your collection contain?

Several hundreds or thousands?

How quickly could you find the photo you need?

There is a program for you to sort your photos automatically by date.

You need only 3 clicks to do this if you use Easy Photo Sorter.

1. Select a folder with your photos

2. Select one among 12 possible ways of sorting and one among plenty ways of renaming

3. Select a folder for your collection to be copied and removed

Easy Photo Sorter keeps folders in chronological order and sorts in them your photos or graphical images.

Your collection will become larger and larger but it'll be always in order due to Easy Photo Sorter.

How does automatic sorting program work?

Nowadays many programs which offer you virtual album exist (For example PICASA). In these programs you could sort photos up to your taste, but your files preserve their places, your order is only virtual.

Instead of “virtual” sorting we offer you to sort your photos by date and place them in folders like this:

Every photo that was made by the digital camera contains EXIF information (date, time etc). Easy Photo Sorter uses this information for sorting.

While using this sorting system your original collection remains without changes and we make new well sorted.

If your photos are in different folders we also can sort them just point out the necessary folders.

Also you can rename your photos and add some information to the title of the file (date, time, model of the camera or a custom text).

It is convenient

•Every your photo is in one place and you can do with them everything what you want and whenever you want (replacing, coping etc).

•Every your photo is in chronological order and you have a chronological album of important events in your life.

•The structure of your folders is convenient and simple for you to use. You could choose the structure of the folders for sorting your photo collection among 12 possible variants.

•The original variant of your collection is preserved. Easy Photo Sorter only copies your photos while sorting them.

Easy Photo Sorter Key features:

•12 possible variants of sorting your photos

•Sorting main types of graphical files

•Possibility of renaming plenty of photo files

•Your original collection remains without any changes

File Size
2.48 MB


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