Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Mario (2010)

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Super Mario (2010)

Super Mario Bros. X is a massive fan game, featuring three complete episodes with over 100 levels, a soundtrack of 50 classic Nintendo songs, two-player cooperative mode, many new and old power-ups, a full featured level editor, seven types of Yoshis, and much more!

Super Mario Flash is based off the graphics from Super Mario Allstars on the Super Nintendo. This is one of the best Mario games online.Infinite Mario is truly among the best Mario clones ever made. All the levels are completly random. Click the screen and press 'S' to start the game.This is one of the better Mario game remakes in flash. It has good graphics and responsive controls.

Play as Sonic the Hedgehog in the Mushroom Kingdom. Nice concept, but the gameplay is a little off. The sequal has better graphics and smoother gameplay. This one turned out to be pretty good.A fan based Mario Game. This game has awesome graphics and a really good intro movie. The gameplay is really good as well.



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