Monday, October 4, 2010

New NeoGeo Game Collection

Posted by Software4Tricks at 11:08 PM
Neo-RAGEx emulator 21mb

Neo-RAGEx emulator 21mb

This was once the best NeoGeo emulator out there, though it's a bit outdated these days, it's great for people with low-end machines however. This one is for DOS and now for Win9x, and was coded by the same people who coded RAGE, a multi arcade emulator for DOS. There is now sound in the Win9x version and the DOS version seems to be discontinued. There is extensive joystick support along with multiple videomodes that look quite nice. It runs a majority of Neo Geo games at full speed on a P166.

The upgrade to NeoRAGEx is much smaller than the full version, so you don't have to download 1.5 megs all over again. You have to already have the full version installed to use the upgrade.

Don't forget to download the Neo Geo BIOS ROM as well, which Neo RAGE requires. The new Beta doesn't have any CRC checks to protect you from playing the latest games.


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