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Immortal Cities Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition (PC)

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Immortal Cities Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition (PC)

Immortal Cities Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition The Egyptian civilization was born on the banks of the Nile. Desert was uncharitable to the children of the turbulent river, but despite all the difficulties, the greatness of Egypt and the pharaohs has grown and strengthened. The gods helped them.
Now the fate of civilization in your hands. Become the father of Egyptian people, and lead him from the time of hunters and gatherers at the time of dawn and the well-being. Build great city and create a dynasty of pharaohs in the history of 2000 years.

You will manage all aspects of the Egyptian city - from the production of papyrus to the military action, from providing simple Lyuda food to the construction of giant pyramids. Establish contacts and trade, or enter a war with neighboring provinces. Discovery and development.
Choose what you closer - the image of the great and merciless tyrant, or the happiness and prosperity of the people. Strength, power and love can not be bought. It can only be earned. Keep your wealth and prosperity of the inhabitants of the city and its magnificent monuments in your honor will not build up in the blood and sweat, but at the request of the people ...
Immortal Cities Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition Every city has a will. All acts and actions are controlled by a unique population of artificial intelligence - the virtual characters are very similar to these people from their normal desires and fears.
The game has a lot of classes - the family of Pharaoh, scientists and researchers, artisans and workers, soldiers, peasants, traders and merchants, servants, artists and vagrants. All residents depend on each other and help to develop the land of Egypt. Scientists make discoveries, the soldiers defend against the attacks of enemies, the workers build and produce material goods, etc.

RELEASE DATE : 17-01-2009
GAME TYPE : Building
Size: 629 MB

Immortal.Cities.Children.of.the.Nile.Enhanced.Edit ion-SKIDROW



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