Sunday, October 3, 2010

Desktop Lock Business 7.2+Virtual Screen 9.1

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Desktop Business Edition provides the Virtual Screen to help you create virtual desktops to limit users to use only the programs you specified.

* Provides all features of Desktop Lock.
* A powerful Virtual Screen tool helps limit users to use only the programs you specified.
* New lock mode to lock the system but don't freeze the screen.

Desktop Lock Business Edition is the enhanced version of Desktop Lock.

A new lock mode Lock keyboard and mouse only, do not freeze screen allows you to leave any video, Flash media or PowerPoint file playing on the screen when system is locked.

Virtual Screen 9.1

The Virtual Screen tool helps you to create virtual desktops. The virtual screen will list only the programs you specified on its desktops, and only allow users to use the listed programs.

A virtual desktop is mostly like the real desktop: it lists the programs you specified, and contains the task bar, start menu etc. Users can only use the programs listed on the virtual desktop.

Virtual Screen supports multiple profiles, each profile contains the settings for a virtual desktop, and the programs you specified on the virtual desktop. So you can create as many virtual desktops as you want.

If you want users to use only the programs you specified, do not want them to play games, browse internet etc, then Virtual Screen will help you.

Not only can Virtual Screen list programs, it supports to list the following items on its desktop:

* Programs (*.exe, *.scr etc.)
* Documents (*.txt, *.doc, *.bmp...)
* Programs with parameters
* Shortcuts (*.lnk)
* Internet Shortcuts (*.url)
* URLs

A new lock mode is enabled in Business Edition: Lock keyboard and mouse only, do not freeze the screen.



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