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Autodesk 3ds Max (and 3ds Max Design) 2011Subscription Advantage Pack x32/x64 (2010)

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The new package includes advanced tools developed by the leading companies in the industry. In add-on modules for 3ds Max 2011 offers users a lightweight, independent of screen resolution procedural textures Substance Procedural Textures, dynamics solid skeleton with hardware accelerated PhysX Rigid-Body Dynamics, as well as one of the leading systems rendering iray renderer, which has a high physical accuracy and compactness. This allows you to fully utilize the latest hardware platforms and achieve competitive advantage.

Its library of procedural textures Substance Procedural Textures, which contains about 75 new components, we can achieve virtually infinite variety of external representations of objects. Such textures are dynamic and do not depend on screen resolution and take up minimal space in memory and on disk. That is why they are ideal for export to game engines - for example, by linking technology Allegorithmic Substance Air. At the present time can be integrated with the game engine, like Unreal Engine 3, Emergent's Gamebryo and Unity. With these new tools can also be "baked" texture to bitmaps for use in rendering. Examples of dynamically editable and animate parameters include surface discoloration and thickness change of the solution in the brick wall, changing pupil size, eye color and the increase of blood vessels in the texture of the eye, as well as dust, bumps, boundaries borders and layout of the road surface.

For more efficient computation of the dynamics in the workspace Autodesk 3ds Max has been integrated NVIDIA PhysX. Now directly in viewport 3ds Max, you can create even more compelling model of the dynamics of the hard skeleton. Multithreaded system supports NVIDIA PhysX statics, dynamics and kinematics of rigid bodies (the latter in particular is used for imaging by a rag doll), and the types of relationships Rigid, Slide, Hinge, Twist, Universal, Ball & Socket and Gear. Thanks to PhysX Rigid-Body Dynamics animator can quickly implement a realistic dynamic visualization, modeling, for example, mountainous landscape with a random arrangement of rocks. Assign physical properties (friction, density and elasticity) is now not difficult: you just select the desired natural material from the standard kit and, if necessary, adapt it to specific conditions.

Integrated into the 3ds Max rendering technology iray greatly simplifies the process of creating realistic images. Technology iray, stalvshaya another important milestone in the revolution, rendering, allows computer artists to compose the scene and only one team to get photo-realistic computer graphics. It seems to work the camera, "soap box" where all the settings programmed by the manufacturer. Now the artist can concentrate on your creative ideas, intuitively selecting natural materials, lighting and features to create the most accurate portrait of the physical world, and iray modify this portrait, achieving the desired level of detail. Although iray works with any standard multi-core processors to speed up the rendering process is recommended to use hardware graphics processor based on NVIDIA CUDA.

Size: 451 MB
Language: English
Platform: Windows All
Crack: Not required



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