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Facebook Acount Hacker September (2013) Latest

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Facebook Acount Hacker September (2013) Latest

Step 1 - Save the Facebook Account Hacker  September (2013) Latest on your desktop and open it.

Step 2 -  Enter your Victim's E-Mail. Press 'Hack'. Press 'Start hacking' as soon as its connected, now wait a few seconds and the password is going to appear in the textbox at the bottom. Further Instructions on the tool itself.
3 Step: Select whether you want to use a proxy or not. We strongly suggest that you use a good working proxy, or VPN, because you could face legal and/or federal lawsuits/complaints/judgements in the fortunate case that the person's ID you are trying to hack, becomes a successful one. Which it will become eventually, as we have a 61% success rate. Their servers detect from time to time, the users intentions, and they issue a 1 hour temporary ban on your IP

4. Press "Hack It !"

Note: This is not a virus file 100% tested with Antivirus .And see this video also to sure.

Download Facebook Hacker server More Coming soon

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