Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Windows 8 Enterprise N X64 Pre-cracked

Posted by Admin at 1:39 AM
Windows 8 Enterprise N X64 Pre-cracked

Build: 9200
Architecture: 64 bit
Windows: 6.2
Crack status: BETA
Cracker: The Dark

Modified: Windows Product key Activation Removed \ Pre-Cracked

First Cracked copy of Windows 8.

This is a Pre-cracked copy of Windows 8 Eval X64 meaning the activation has been taken away from it leaving it Pre-cracked. This means you can use all the features a regularly activated copy of Windows 8 would have including the Personalization in the Metro UI. Be warned that there are some issues since the Crack is not all the way there yet:

Themes cannot be changed
Office 2013 will not install (crashes)

This is provided as is from The Dark and tested by members of DevScene.me.

This was the first copy of Windows 8 to leak on the Webz so its here for fun. Also I advise not running this as a main OS. This is the last upload in the beta trilogy for Windows 8 pre-cracks sorry guys.

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