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avast! Internet Security v7.0.1451.402+keys

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avast! Internet Security v7.0.1451.402
Avast! Internet Security - encompasses all the high technology for one purpose: to provide you with the highest level of protection against computer viruses. avast! Internet Security includes antivirus Avast, and virtualization module processes, anti-spam filter and built-in firewall. Supported by a virus in the letters, there is a script blocker. Virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded via the Internet.
Internet Security provides comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, spam, and firewall protection with the help and now supplemented by new technology, avast! SafeZone. This technology creates an isolated virtual desktop invisible to potential attackers, where it is safe to make purchases and banking transactions online.

Key technologies:
• core antivirus and antispyware
• Protection against rootkits in real-time
• Base avast! Community IQ
• Study methods intruders in unprotected networks
• Intelligent checker avast! Intelligent Scanner
• Intelligent update virus databases
• Auto / game mode
• "Green" Computer
• Shield the file system / e-mail
• Web Shield
• Shield P2P/mgnovennyh posts
• Network Shield
• Shield of Conduct
• Shield Script
• isolated environment avast! Sandbox
• Automatic firewall
• Anti-spam

Displays real-time protection avast! - Protection 24/7:
• Display a file system - Scan the open / executable files in real time.
• Screen-mail - Checks all incoming and outgoing mail for malicious software (for MS Outlook uses a special plug-in).
• Web-based screen - Scans all web pages viewed, downloaded files and java-script. With intelligent stream scanning the web screen will not slow down your online experience.
• Screen P2P / IM screen - Checks files downloaded using P2P-programs, the use of instant messaging programs or chat rooms.
• Firewall - Provides protection against network viruses from two components: Blocking URL-addresses to block malicious URL and undemanding to resources of the intrusion detection system.
• The screen scripts - Detects malicious scripts hidden in Web pages, not letting them take control of your computer and cause potential harm to him.
• The screen behavior - Blocks threats of "zero day" and unknown malware even before the virus definitions.

• Supports 64-bit versions - Platform Support Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit architecture.
• Heuristic core - Proactively detect malware is not detectable using standard definitions and virus signatures.
• The emulator code - implemented the principle of dynamic translation, different speed than traditional emulation, for a total extraction of heuristic and within the nucleus.
• Automatic processing - Infected files are processed automatically without requiring user instructions.
• Intelligent update of virus definitions - Incremental update minimizes the file size of regular updates.
• Fast application of updates - new file format speeds up the virus definitions updates and reduces the need for CPU and memory resources, thereby ensuring smooth operation of your computer.
• Optimization of multi-test - Ability to separate large files between the nuclei, thereby accelerating the process of checking for new multi-core CPUs and further increases the speed of the avast!.
• Wake / Scheduled scan - Scan Design at night or any other PC is idle.
• Command-line scanner - Start scanning directly from the command line.

What's new in the seventh version:
New installer
Improvements in the interface
Service FileRep (through clouds)
Streaming updates
Improvements to the sandbox and automatic sandboxing (autosandbox)
Improved protection of your browser
Remote Assistance to help your friends with the problems on the computer
Support tool (collects log files, etc., together, helping them to avast! For troubleshooting)
Export / Import settings
Improvement of Background
Powered by Win8 Developer Preview
And many, many security improvements

Changes in version 7.0.1451:
Changes in the autosandbox module
Improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC prompts etc)
Improvements in SafeZone (protection against kernel-mode keyloggers; Updated SafeZone Browser; clipboard sharing, etc.)
Outlook plugin redesign
Opera support in WebRep
SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites
Windows 8 compatibility updates
Emergency Updater

Systen Requirements
- Operating Systems Supported
Windows 7 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista (any Edition excl. Starter Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit), Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
- Minimum Hardware Requirements
Pentium 3 Processor, 256 MB RAM, 380 MB of free hard disk space

How TO Activate Avast With A Valid License File
First Download . Then Install it and during installation, use one of the license files, or install it as a trial, then follow these steps:

1. Right click "Avast Tray Icon" and and click "Open avast! user interface".

2. Click "MAINTENANCE" then "Subscription".

3. Now, if you have a license file With extension *.avastlic, then click "Insert license file" and navigate to where the file exists in your hard drive and open it, then click "Yes".

4. DONE!

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